Ron Fone, Senior Warden

Susan Bickel Scioli, Junior Warden

Beth Cotner, Clerk

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              Liz Mumford                Ellen Ingram           Andrea Woods Gauvreau          

              Stephen Jones              Beth Cotner             Kim Whittemore     

                                                           Ron Fone                 Susan Scioli  

                                                                                                Richard Mumford   


            Betty Jones, Chair                                     Altar Guild

             Cici Cook, Coordinator                        Weddings

             Stephen Jones                                          Readers/Ushers

             Kimberly Whittemore                          Flowers/Building & Grounds

             Andrea Woods Gauvreau                     Treasurer

             Ellen Ingram                                             Memorial Wall  

             Richardson Mumford                              Building & Grounds

             Chris Babcock, Liz Mumford                Music

             Susan McPherson                                     Social Chair

             Susan Bickel Scioli                                 Corresponding Secretary    


The Rev. Robert Anthony, Priest-in-Charge    Contact # 508-790-7981

The Rev. Paul Thompson, Priest Emeritus

Rt. Rev. Alan Gates, Bishop

Christopher Babcock, Organist


                 The cornerstone of St. Andrew’s was laid in 1906. The church

was consecrated in 1911.

  The service at 9:00 a.m. every Sunday during the summer is in accordance with the Liturgy of the Episcopal Church. A cordial welcome is extended to members of any religious affiliation who may wish to worship here.